When you really stop and think about today’s social lifestyle, we as a collective have access to almost everything with one mouse click, one keystroke. We’ve become a digital society of convenience and that is not such a bad thing. Our time is valuable – we always say, “I wish there were more hours in the day”.  But through our organized work schedules, our trips to the gym, Netflix binge watching, soccer practices and such, we still like and crave discovery…the excitement of the new sometimes supported by our personal standards of the old – your very own curated lifestyle “greatest hits”.

That is why we created this new look, new forward-thinking wine club of the future and centered it around 2 things you love – WINE and MUSIC…the perfect pair.  Both are individual “must have’s” in our active lives and lucky for all of us, they go together like “copy and paste”.

Think about every time you are enjoying a nice glass of wine – whether an old stand-by or a newly discovered vintage…music has a very good chance of being involved in that experience – either front-and-center or lightly blended into the background.  At a bar or restaurant – music is playing somewhere. At home watching TV – soundtracks are layered into the show, the movie, sporting events (we wish we had a nickel for every time “Start Me Up” was played at a stadium or arena). At a party where every person wants to play DJ and cue-up their favorite tracks or that casual night at home where you have the perfect playlist every time.

WINE and MUSIC are such a perfect match because there is so much variety, so much emotion, so much celebration. Is there anything better than discovering a new wine you love and can’t stop telling your friends about?  Same thing goes for that new song – whether it’s a classic rocker or new track, you’re saying to your friends “have you heard that deep cut by KISS on “Hotter Than Hell” or the Foo Fighters just dropped a killer track on Spotify”. We love sharing (social media proves those 3 words), we search for the new but are equally loyal to our lifelong favorites, and we are multi-sensory individuals – we want the ultimate balance when we are in charge – WINE and MUSIC, together will get you where you want to be…where you need to be – that perfect place!