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Doesn’t matter if it’s leftovers on Tuesday, an important Saturday night dinner, or just “kick back time” in your favorite chair –
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Virgin Wines Mix 231 | William Knuttel Cuve Epee Pinot Noir 2018

As Timeless as Pinot Noir and Folk William Knuttel is an old-school winemaker and a legend in Sonoma. His classic Pinot Noir will delight alongside these timeless, old-school folk tracks, featuring Simon & Garfunkel, Sandy Denny, and more.

Virgin Wines Mix 230 | The Creamery Chardonnay 2016

Smooth Jazz for a Creamy California Chardonnay The only thing smoother than The Creamery? The smooth jazz tracks in your exclusive Spotify playlist. Slow Down, pour a glass of this opulent Chardonnay, and turn up the tunes.

Virgin Wines Mix 229 | Domaine Patrick Vauvy Touraine 2018

Say Bonjour to Sauvignon Blanc and French Artists As you sip this classic Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc, put on your latest Spotify playlist. Packed with talented French artists, it’ll transport you to the gorgeous French countryside.

Virgin Wines Mix 228 | Pagos de Tahola Blanco 2018

The Leading Ladies of Rioja & Pop Ruth Chavarri has taken the helm at her family estate. Raise a glass to her leadership with this fine white Rioja and enjoy your latest playlist, featuring top female pop artists like Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, and Adele.

Virgin Wines Mix 95 | Rolling Stone Chardonnay 2017

Roll With The Punches (and Chardonnay) Kick back with the latest issue of Rolling Stone, your luscious tribute Chardonnay, and this exclusive playlist. It features rock icons like The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, and Eric Clapton.

Virgin Wines Mix 227 | Silver Sandhill Viognier 2018

California Dreamin’ This luscious Viognier celebrates California’s natural beauty, so we’ve prepared a playlist packed full of California jams. It’ll transport you and your L.A. Woman straight to Beverly Hills.

Virgin Wines Mix 98 | Woodstock 50 Years Red Blend 2017

Back in the Daze of Woodstock There was Something in the Air during Woodstock, and we’ve tried to capture that magic with this sumptuous California red and a playlist full of hazy hippy tracks. Pop the cork, put on the tunes, and peace out.

Virgin Wines Mix 164 | Miles Davis Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Celebrate the Best of Miles Davis Of course, we had to put together a Miles Davis playlist to go along with this special-edition French Cabernet. Featuring many of Davis’s most famous tunes, it’s sure to take you Seven Steps to Heaven.

Virgin Wines Mix 226 | Tenuta Fenice Bianco 2018

Everyone Loves a Comeback Story Dino Taschetta has recently revived his family’s ancient vineyards. Celebrate his success with a glass of his lively Sicilian white and your new playlist. It features inspiring, upbeat songs dedicated to overcoming challenges and making a comeback.

Virgin Wines Mix 225 | Alessandro Gallici Prosecco Anniversario 50th 2018

Come On, Let’s Go with 50s Rock & Prosecco Alessandro’s 50th Anniversario Prosecco makes a bubbly match for these swinging tunes from the 1950s. If you’ve got No Particular Place to Go, pop the cork, crank up the stereo, and get rockin’.

Virgin Wines Mix 224 | Terra Batista Spumante Prosecco 2018

Get the Party Started with Prosecco & Upbeat Hits Hey Ya! If you’re ready for a good time, pop the cork on this Prosecco and crank up your new party playlist. Guaranteed to get you and your guests dancing All Around the World.

Virgin Wines Mix 52 | Groove Pinot Noir 2016

Get Your Pinot Groove On Groove Records’s biggest hit may not ring a bell immediately, but those first few strains of the telecaster are sure to conjure up a famous scene from the 1987 blockbuster film, Dirty Dancing. So slide that 45 on the turntable (or, just cue up this Groove Records-themed playlist) and get into the GROOVE with this light-on-its feet Pinot.

Virgin Wines Mix 223 | Campi Levante Edizione dell Anniversario 2015

The Legends of Chianti & Rock We have a Whole Lotta Love for Paolo Masi’s latest masterpiece, so we’re pairing it with some of rock music’s greatest icons. Come Together to enjoy this legendary wine-and-music combination.

Virgin Wines Mix 1 | Rolling Stones Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll … and a Rockin’ Cab Wild Horses couldn’t drag us away from getting this bold, barrel-aged Washington Cabernet into your case. Enjoy alongside the rock legends that inspired it, with your exclusive Rolling Stones playlist – the first of many more to come.

Virgin Wines Mix 222 | Farinelli Pinot Grigio 2018

Liven Up Any Party with Pinot Grigio & Pop If you’re sick of Small Talk, uncork this vibrant Italian Pinot Grigio and crank up your exclusive pop playlist. Guaranteed to please both the Señorita and the Starboy in your crew.

Virgin Wines Mix 221 | Schroeder Estate Patagonia Malbec 2017

Get Edgy With Patagonia Malbec & Rock The Schroeder family craft this rich Malbec Reserve in Argentina’s extreme Patagonia region, near the edge of the earth. It’s a thrilling partner for these edgy songs from the Ramones, Pearl Jam, and more rockers.

Virgin Wines Mix 48 | DeLoach Private Collection Chardonnay 2018

Rockin’ the Suburbs with Katie Winemaker Katie Carter is an up and coming winemaker who is making waves in Sonoma and beyond for her skill in the cellar (one taste of this amazing Chard and you’ll see what the hype’s all about). What inspires her in the cellar? Alt-rock darling Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five, for starters. Tune in at our blog or on Spotify.

Virgin Wines Mix 220 | Paolo Valle Pinot Grigio 2018

Enjoy Wine & Music Made in Italy Pair Paolo Valle’s classic Italian Pinot Grigio with a selection of songs by Italian artists. It’s the perfect combination for your next Italian feast or a night relaxing with good friends.

Virgin Wines Mix 219 | Eremo Tuscolano Cerquola Frascati 2017

Putting the Soul Back in Wine & Music It doesn’t get much more soulful than an Italian white crafted by monks. Enjoy a glass alongside these equally soulful 90s R&B tracks from legends like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Boyz II Men.

Virgin Wines Mix 218 | Il Poeta Gavi 2017

Il Poeta Meets Iconic Songwriters Grape grower Natale Seghesio always writes a poem to honor the vintage, so it’s fitting to pair his fine Gavi with a playlist dedicated to some of music’s greatest songwriters. Take It Easy with the Eagles, James Taylor, and more legends.

Virgin Wines Mix 217 | Mahau Sound Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Kick Back & Relax with Mahau Sound When Sunny Gets Blue, pour a glass of this dazzling New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and cue up your latest playlist. It’s full of relaxing, low-key songs that will make you feel like you’re vacationing at Mahau Sound.

Virgin Wines Mix 216 | Pedra do Cribo Albarino 2016

From a Master of Wine to Masters of Scottish Music Norrel Robertson might make delicious Spanish wine, but he’s originally from Scotland. Sip his stylish Albariño alongside your newest playlist, featuring top Scottish artists.

Virgin Wines Mix 215 | ContraPosto 2016

Contrapposto in Italian Wine & Classical Music Just like Sofia’s sumptuous Italian red, the beautiful classical pieces in your exclusive playlist show contrapposto (fine balance and form). They’ll also make a perfect backdrop to your next Italian feast.

Virgin Wines Mix 214 | Pedroncelli Special Selection Red Blend 2017

Do-Si-Do Into Zinfandel Country We’re paying tribute to the Pedroncelli family’s rich Zinfandel and their farming roots with this playlist of modern country songs. It’s a wine-and-music combo that’s definitely Meant to Be.

Virgin Wines Mix 213 | Château du Tertre Belair Cotes de Bordeaux 2018

Host a Dinner Party with Bordeaux and Jazz This elegant Bordeaux will make a delicious centerpiece for your next dinner party. But don’t forget the music! Your exclusive smooth jazz playlist will create a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere for guests.

Virgin Wines Mix 212 | Domaine du Vallon Plan de Dieu 2017

Domaine du Vallon & These Songs Are The Champions This triple-gold French red deserves a playlist packed with award-winning hits, and we were thrilled to deliver. Pour the wine for guests, cue up your speakers, and prepare for everyone to Praise You.

Virgin Wines Mix 211 | Field of Stones Sauvignon Blanc 2018

A True Family Affair This crisp New Zealand Sauvignon is crafted by a dynamic father-daughter duo. We’re paying tribute to their hard work with a playlist full of family-related songs or bands featuring family members. Enjoy a glass and the tunes with your own family or friends.

Virgin Wines 210 | Alambrado Malbec 2018

Top of the Wine & Music Charts Sebastián Zuccardi was recently named Decanter’s No. 1 South American winemaker. Celebrate his success with a glass of acclaimed Alambrado Malbec and this collection of equally popular, chart-topping hits.

Virgin Wines Mix 209 | Pagos de Tahola Rioja Reserva 2012

Vino + Música = Perfección Take inspiration from this Rioja Reserva’s homeland and pair it with upbeat Spanish songs. Your exclusive playlist features Hispanic icons like Santana, Marc Anthony, and Oscar D’León.

Virgin Wines Mix 208 | Willy Willy Shiraz 2017

Cruisin’ with Aussie Shiraz & Rock Winemaker Bob Berton loves riding his Harley, so we’ve put together a list of rock tunes that will make you feel like you’re cruising the open road. Enjoy Bob’s rich Shiraz and your playlist – when you’re safely parked at home.