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Doesn’t matter if it’s leftovers on Tuesday, an important Saturday night dinner, or just “kick back time” in your favorite chair –
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Virgin Wines Mix 189 | Bold Move Red Blend 2018

Bust a Bold Move on the Dance Floor With its BIG, black-fruit flavors, this California red packs a serious punch. Let it inspire you to bust your own bold move on the dance floor, accompanied by the funk, electronic, and dance tracks in this exclusive playlist.

Virgin Wines Mix 192 | Diving Board Pinot Grigio (WD) 2018

Dive Into Pinot Grigio & Summer Hits Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or enjoying an evening at home, this wine-and-music combo will bring summer to you. Enjoy your crisp California Pinot Grigio alongside iconic ‘songs of the summer’ from Maroon 5, Harry Belafonte, and more.

Virgin Wines Mix 190 | GFF Lodi Zinfandel (WD) 2018

Good Things Come in Threes … and Duets Named after its winemaking trio, GFF Zinfandel proves that magical things can happen when skilled people work together. The same can be said for these beloved duets, which show off the talents of iconic musicians from the rock and pop genres.

Virgin Wines Mix 191 | Slate Mountain (WD) 2018

The Heartland of Classic(al) Wine & Music This stylish white hails from Austria, home to elegant wines and many of the music world’s most talented composers. It’s also the inspiration behind your newest classical playlist, featuring tracks by Claude Debussy, Frédéric Chopin, and more.

Virgin Wines Mix 188 | Koroni Cabernet Sauvignon (WD) 2018

Take a Cruise Through the Mediterranean Even when you can’t get away, you can still transport yourself to the Mediterranean. Put on this playlist of vivacious Mediterranean songs and pour a glass of Koroni, a luxurious Cabernet named after the Kapiniaris family’s home town in Greece. Opa!

Virgin Wines Mix 187 | Doohickey California Red Blend (WD)

Get Funky with Doohickey With its curious name and label, Doohickey is a fun (and funky!) California red blend. There’s no question: it’ll make a perfect partner for your latest funk playlist. Groove to tracks from James Brown, Stevie Wonder, and other legendary artists.

Virgin Wines Mix 186 | William Knuttel Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc 2018

On the Road Again with Sauvignon BlancThis elegant Sauvignon Blanc hails from rugged Sonoma County, where you’ll find bucolic landscapes and great wine (obviously!). Your latest playlist is packed full of easy-going country songs to transport you to the wilds of Sonoma. Pour a glass, crank the tunes, and do the Boot Scootin’ Boogie.

Virgin Wines Mix 185 | Chateau le Bonalguet Blanc 2017

You Can Always Count on the ClassicsChâteau Le Bonalguet is a sophisticated, classic expression of white Bordeaux, and a fitting accompaniment to the classical tracks on your latest playlist. Enjoy fine selections from Barron Ryan, Tom McDermott, and more masters of the style. Guaranteed to impress.

Virgin Wines Mix 183 | Spotlight Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2018

The Future of Wine & Music is FemaleJust as this thrilling Sauvignon Blanc spotlights an accomplished female winemaker, your exclusive playlist showcases some of the music world’s top female artists. From Heart to Sheryl Crow to Aretha Franklin, these ladies are sure to earn your Respect.

Virgin Wines Mix 182 | Black Duck Durif 2018

An Acclaimed Winemaker Meets Award-Winning ArtistsWinemaker Sam Trimboli has won hundreds of top accolades. Pair his sumptuous Australian Durif with a collection of artists who have scooped some of the music industry’s highest honors. It’s sure to be a winning combination.

Virgin Wines Mix 181 | Bourg Lachamps Pinot Noir 2018

Fly Under-the-Radar with Pinot & RockFrance’s Ardèche region remains an under-the-radar spot for fabulous Pinot Noir (for now!). In honor of this district, we’ve compiled a list of lesser-known songs from some of the world’s most famous rock musicians. You’ll discover hidden gems by Elton John, Counting Crows, and more.

Virgin Wines Mix 180 | HJ Fabre Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2016

Wine & Music with an Argentine FlairHervé and Diane Fabre might have started out in Bordeaux, but they’re now legends in the Argentine wine world. Toast the success of their estate with a glass of this acclaimed Cabernet Reserva and upbeat songs from some of the world’s best Hispanic artists.

Virgin Wines Mix 179 | El Bombero 2018

Get Fired Up for Spanish GarnachaEl Bombero means ‘the firefighter’ – a fitting name for this warming, full-flavored Garnacha. Keep the theme going with your equally bombastic playlist, featuring ‘fiery’ songs from Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, and more music legends.

Virgin Wines Mix 178 | DWP Belle Roche Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Free Fallin’ into Beautiful RockBelle Roche translates to ‘beautiful rock,’ so we had to pair it with a collection of rock ballads. From Dust in the Wind by Kansas to Fleetwood Mac’s iconic Rhiannon, these songs have the power and grace to stand up to your rich Cabernet Sauvignon.

Virgin Wines Mix 177 | Saracosa Rosso di Toscana 2017

On an Evening in Roma (with Saracosa)Can’t escape to Rome tonight? No worries. Prepare your favorite Italian dish, pour a glass of the Barbaneras’ acclaimed Super Tuscan, and put on this playlist of easy-listening Italian classics. It’s the perfect recipe for a romantic evening, wherever you may be.

Virgin Wines Mix 174 | DWP Chateau Le Coin Sauvignon Gris 2018

Chillax with Award-Winning Sauvignon GrisWinemaker Jean-Marc Sauboua is half-French, half-Spanish, and 100% awesome. He loves to blast European and Hispanic hip hop tracks in the cellar, and we’ve gathered some of his favorites for this playlist. It’s an epic match for his rare Sauvignon Gris.

Virgin Wines Mix 173 | Alessandro Gallici Pinot Grigio 2016

Rockin’ and Cruisin’ with Italian Pinot Grigio Alessandro Gallici loves cruising around the vineyards of northern Italy on his vintage motorcycle. So, we’ve cued up some vintage rock songs that are almost as fun as touring the Italian countryside. Enjoy them alongside Alesssandro’s exhilarating Pinot Grigio.

Virgin Wines Mix 72 | Crab & Sole Pinot Blanc 2017

Summer Trifecta: Pinot Blanc, Seafood, and The Beach Boys Wouldn’t It Be Nice to enjoy this seafood-inspired California Pinot Blanc alongside songs from The Beach Boys, one of California’s most iconic rock bands. Just pour a glass, crank up the tunes in this playlist, and pretend you’re Surfin’ U.S.A. in the summer sunshine.

Virgin Wines Mix 79 | Amelior Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Two of Our Favorite Things: Cabernet & Jazz Enjoy your classic California Cabernet alongside a collection of Jazz favorites. No matter Where or When you decide to indulge in this wine-and-music combo, it’ll quench your thirst and leave you In A Sentimental Mood.

Virgin Wines Mix 117 | Back Garden Cortese 2018

Spend Sunday Morning with Back Garden Cortese This exclusive playlist includes mellow songs that are perfect for a relaxing weekend – just like your lovely California Cortese. We Don’t Know Why anyone wouldn’t fall for this tranquil pairing.

Virgin Wines Mix 141 | Blazing Star Chardonnay 2017

From Blazing Star to Blazing Saddles Enjoy this smooth California Chardonnay with a selection of songs from beloved Hollywood movies. It’s a star-studded pairing to sip during Another Day of Sun.

Virgin Wines Mix 131 | Ocellus Viognier 2017

Eye-Popping Viognier & Techno Pop Ready for Something Good? With its beautifully colorful label and vibrant flavor, Ocellus makes a fun pairing for your techno playlist. Pop the cork, crank the tunes, and get dancing!

Virgin Wines Mix 169 | Late Arrival Carignane 2017

A Funky Mix for a Funky California CarignaneExpress Yourself with a glass of this rare, single-varietal Carignane and a playlist packed with funk songs. There’s no need for Superstition – it’s a vibrant, flavorful pairing.

Virgin Wines Mix 104 | GFF Chardonnay 2018

A Worldly Chardonnay Meets a Global Playlist The Kapiniaris family brought their winemaking expertise from Greece to California. So, it’s only fitting to pair their gorgeous Chardonnay with this eclectic playlist, featuring songs from wildly diverse countries and genres.

Virgin Wines Mix 162 | Brick & Tin Tempranillo 2016

The Best of Jim Croce Jim Croce was one of America’s most revered folk and rock singer-songwriters. His vibrant, yet mellow, tracks make a perfect accompaniment to this historic California Tempranillo.

Virgin Wines Mix 98 | Woodstock 50 Years Red Blend 2017

Back in the Daze of Woodstock There was Something in the Air during Woodstock, and we’ve tried to capture that magic with this sumptuous California red and a playlist full of hazy hippy tracks. Pop the cork, put on the tunes, and peace out.

Virgin Wines Mix 164 | Miles Davis Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Celebrate the Best of Miles Davis Of course, we had to put together a Miles Davis playlist to go along with this special-edition French Cabernet. Featuring many of Davis’s most famous tunes, it’s sure to take you Seven Steps to Heaven.

Virgin Wines Mix 85 | Brushstroke White Blend 2017

Let’s Fall In Love with Brushstroke & Piano As you sip this lovely California white, kick back with an artful playlist we call The Piano Bar. It features mellow songs that will add a relaxing Ebb And Flow to any evening.

Virgin Wines Mix 129 | Purple Owl Pinot Noir 2018

A Taste of Pure Americana Inspired by a talented American painter, this silky California Pinot has a style all its own – as do the soulful tracks in your Americana playlist. They’ll all be waiting when you’re ready To Go Home and unwind.

Virgin Wines Mix 107 | Shell Bay Semillon 2017

Soak Up the Sunshine with California Semillon With its bright fruit flavors and crisp freshness, Shell Bay is the perfect accompaniment to this fun, light-hearted playlist. Pour a glass and Sing a Song all summer (or year!) long.