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Doesn’t matter if it’s leftovers on Tuesday, an important Saturday night dinner, or just “kick back time” in your favorite chair –
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Virgin Wines Mix 79 | Amelior Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Two of Our Favorite Things: Cabernet & Jazz Enjoy your classic California Cabernet alongside a collection of Jazz favorites. No matter Where or When you decide to indulge in this wine-and-music combo, it’ll quench your thirst and leave you In A Sentimental Mood.

Virgin Wines Mix 117 | Back Garden Cortese 2018

Spend Sunday Morning with Back Garden Cortese This exclusive playlist includes mellow songs that are perfect for a relaxing weekend – just like your lovely California Cortese. We Don’t Know Why anyone wouldn’t fall for this tranquil pairing.

Virgin Wines Mix 141 | Blazing Star Chardonnay 2017

From Blazing Star to Blazing Saddles Enjoy this smooth California Chardonnay with a selection of songs from beloved Hollywood movies. It’s a star-studded pairing to sip during Another Day of Sun.

Virgin Wines Mix 131 | Ocellus Viognier 2017

Eye-Popping Viognier & Techno Pop Ready for Something Good? With its beautifully colorful label and vibrant flavor, Ocellus makes a fun pairing for your techno playlist. Pop the cork, crank the tunes, and get dancing!

Virgin Wines Mix 169 | Late Arrival Carignane 2017

A Funky Mix for a Funky California CarignaneExpress Yourself with a glass of this rare, single-varietal Carignane and a playlist packed with funk songs. There’s no need for Superstition – it’s a vibrant, flavorful pairing.

Virgin Wines Mix 104 | GFF Chardonnay 2018

A Worldly Chardonnay Meets a Global Playlist The Kapiniaris family brought their winemaking expertise from Greece to California. So, it’s only fitting to pair their gorgeous Chardonnay with this eclectic playlist, featuring songs from wildly diverse countries and genres.

Virgin Wines Mix 162 | Brick & Tin Tempranillo 2016

The Best of Jim Croce Jim Croce was one of America’s most revered folk and rock singer-songwriters. His vibrant, yet mellow, tracks make a perfect accompaniment to this historic California Tempranillo.

Virgin Wines Mix 98 | Woodstock 50 Years Red Blend 2017

Back in the Daze of Woodstock There was Something in the Air during Woodstock, and we’ve tried to capture that magic with this sumptuous California red and a playlist full of hazy hippy tracks. Pop the cork, put on the tunes, and peace out.

Virgin Wines Mix 164 | Miles Davis Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Celebrate the Best of Miles Davis Of course, we had to put together a Miles Davis playlist to go along with this special-edition French Cabernet. Featuring many of Davis’s most famous tunes, it’s sure to take you Seven Steps to Heaven.

Virgin Wines Mix 85 | Brushstroke White Blend 2017

Let’s Fall In Love with Brushstroke & Piano As you sip this lovely California white, kick back with an artful playlist we call The Piano Bar. It features mellow songs that will add a relaxing Ebb And Flow to any evening.

Virgin Wines Mix 129 | Purple Owl Pinot Noir 2018

A Taste of Pure Americana Inspired by a talented American painter, this silky California Pinot has a style all its own – as do the soulful tracks in your Americana playlist. They’ll all be waiting when you’re ready To Go Home and unwind.

Virgin Wines Mix 107 | Shell Bay Semillon 2017

Soak Up the Sunshine with California Semillon With its bright fruit flavors and crisp freshness, Shell Bay is the perfect accompaniment to this fun, light-hearted playlist. Pour a glass and Sing a Song all summer (or year!) long.

Virgin Wines Mix 136 | Diego de Almagro Reserva 2012

Great Wine (and Music) is Made in Spain Take a trip to Spain with this highly rated Reserva and a collection of hits by Hispanic artists. One sip (or song) and you’ll be Bailando with Enrique Iglesias, Shakira, and more.

Virgin Wines Mix 142 | Valcatrina Tinto 2017

Walk This Way for a Rockin’ Portuguese Red You’ll be Thunderstruck by this winning combination: Valcatrina’s bold, sumptuous flavors have the weight to stand up to these over-the-top rock songs. Grab your bottle, cue up your playlist, and prepare to Rock And Roll All Nite.

Virgin Wines Mix 102 | Saints and Zinners Zinfandel 2016

Sinister Rifts for a Sinful California Zin Turn down those Bright Lights and Come Together to enjoy this tempting California Zinfandel with a playlist full of guitarheavy jams. Both are dark, edgy, and guaranteed to get your heart racing.

Virgin Wines Mix 109 | Ridgerider Cellars Chardonnay 2016

Ride On with Ridgerider Chardonnay Like this luscious California Chardonnay, your latest playlist is sure to please a crowd. It’s an eclectic mix featuring The Clash, Bob Marley, and more artists that will help Lively Up Yourself (or your evening).

Virgin Wines Mix 154 | Domaine de Ju 2016

A Giant Red for a Giant of French Jazz Piano The venerable Claude Bolling is one of France’s finest jazz pianists. We could think of no better wine to enjoy with his striking melodies than this sumptuous red crafted near the ‘Giant of Provence.’ À votre santé!

Virgin Wines Mix 94 | Kora Sauvignon Blanc 2018

What Is Hip? Kora & Funk! Zippy New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc like Kora has taken the wine world by storm, so it’s a delightfully hip pairing for these funk and soul tracks. Kick back with the best of James Brown, The O’Jays, and more.

Virgin Wines Mix | Il Pino Pinot Grigio 2017

A Classic Pinot Grigio Meets Classics & Fanfare Just as Il Pino showcases a classic style of Italian Pinot Grigio, this playlist delivers classical tracks and Jazz standards. The combination is Rhapsody in Blue (or should we say white?).

Virgin Wines Mix 81 | Les Héritiers Sauvignon Blanc 2017

The Masters of French Sauvignon and the Blues Noël Bougrier is a Sauvignon Blanc master, so it’s only fitting to enjoy his Pride And Joy ‘Cuvée Spéciale’ with songs from iconic Blues masters. It’s the perfect pairing to brighten up any day that Feels Like Rain.

Virgin Wines Mix 103 | Schroeder Estate Malbec 2018

Let a Little Light in with Argentine Malbec What better to go with this wildly diverse, upbeat playlist than a rich, flavorful Malbec from the wilds of Argentina’s Patagonia region? Give a Little Bit of time to relax with them this evening.

Virgin Wines Mix 111 | Villa Farnia di Farnese 2017

A New Beginning for Wine & Music Just as Filippo Bacclaro and team have revitalized the ancient Farnese winery, the artists in this playlist are breathing new life into their respective genres. They’re an exhilarating accompaniment to this vibrant Italian Trebbiano.

Virgin Wines Mix 119 | Split Rock Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Reelin’ In The Years with Split Rock and Classic Rock From the oldest winery on New Zealand’s South Island, this Sauvignon Blanc is every bit as exhilarating as the old-school rock songs in your latest playlist. Carry On and sip it with Queen, the Steve Miller Band, and more icons.

Virgin Wines Mix 115 | Collezione di Paolo 2017

Uncork Paolo’s Popular Chianti with 2000s Hits Paolo crafted this best-selling red All For You, and it’s a delicious match for these upbeat chart toppers from the 2000s. Open your bottle, crank up the tunes, and Drift Away.

Virgin Wines Mix 49 | Aluado Alicante Bouschet

Going “Aluado” on the Dance Floor The moon on the label was calling to our inner party animal – so we cued up the mixing board, turned on the black light, and got a little “crazy” with some fun dance tracks. Go ahead – wine really DOES make you a better dancer.

Virgin Wines Mix 48 | DeLoach Private Collection Chardonnay

Rockin’ the Suburbs with Katie Winemaker Katie Carter is an up and coming winemaker who is making waves in Sonoma and beyond for her skill in the cellar (one taste of this amazing Chard and you’ll see what the hype’s all about). What inspires her in the cellar? Alt-rock darling Ben Folds and Ben Folds Five, for starters. Tune in at our blog or on Spotify.

Virgin Wines Mix 47 | Villa Farnia di Farnese Pecorino

The Mixup Mix Pecornio is a popular Italian cheese … and also a grape. The same names often cause confusion, just like the songs in this fun mix. So – if you once were (or still are!) convinced that “Somebody’s Watching Me” is a Michael Jackson hit, or that “Cat’s in the Cradle” was sung by Cat Stevens, then this playlist is for you.

Virgin Wines Mix 46 | The Gooseberry Bush

(Gooseberry) Bush and Friends This mouthwatering white has a serious edge – like the gritty, unconventional sounds of ’90s grunge rock. Led by Brit rockers Bush, this playlist takes us back to flannels, wallet chains, and The Clinton era. Good thing you’ve got a little liquid courage (courtesy of South Africa’s Bon Courage estate) to help you through the reminiscing …

Virgin Wines Mix 45 | Grande Reserve de Gassac Blanc

A “Grande” Connection Pop superstar Ariana Grande and Mas de Daumas Gassac have both been compared to legends – Mariah Carey for Ariana (the singers each boast huge vocal ranges) and Château Lafite Rothschild for Daumas Gassac. So take a sip and enjoy some of our girl Ari’s top hits with your crew. We’re pretty sure your friends will say “Thank U, Next” (glass).

Virgin Wines Mix 59 | Baron de Barbon Albarino

Papa, Don’t Preach – It’s Time for Albariño You don’t need to wait until Father’s Day to celebrate dad, as this eclectic playlist – inspired by father/son winemakers Julián and Javier – demonstrates. Javier learned his trade by watching his dad in the cellar, and if you’ve already cracked this delicious Albariño open, we’re betting you’re feeling pretty grateful for that tutelage.