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Doesn’t matter if it’s leftovers on Tuesday, an important Saturday night dinner, or just “kick back time” in your favorite chair –
with Virgin Wines, you’ll always have the right wine and music cued up.

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Virgin Wines Mix 1 | Rolling Stones Cabernet Savingnon/2016

Please allow us to introduce the 50th Anniversary edition of our custom crafetd Merlot.It’s Rock n’ Roll in a bottle. Fill your glass, turn up the volume, and enjoy the taste of the Rolling Stones.

Virgin Wines Mix 33 | Stellenrust Heritage Collection Chenin Blanc 2017

Get Down on the Farm with Chenin Blanc Stellenrust has gone From Farm to Fame, and this dazzling ‘Heritage Collection’ Chenin Blanc pays tribute to that legacy. Whether you drive a Big Green Tractor or sporty sedan, this country playlist will help you get in touch with this white’s humble roots.

Virgin Wines Mix 32 | Vigné-Lourac ‘Les Perles’ Gaillac 2017

Bubbly Hits From France, Germany, Sweden, and Beyond France’s Perlé wines rarely make it out of Europe, so you’re lucky to taste this elegant, gently sparkling find. Sip it as locals would, with a playlist of uplifting European pop and rock songs that will have you Hooked on a Feeling of happiness.

Virgin Wines Mix 31 | The Jumper Sauvignon Blanc, 2017

Jump Jive An’ Wail for New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc With its exhilarating, tropical-fruit flavors, James’ Sauvignon Blanc will make you want to Jump Around. Give into the good vibes and Jump to It with this upbeat playlist featuring rock, soul, and hip hop tracks.

Virgin Wines Mix 30 | Paolo Valle Pinot Grigio, 2017

A Classic(al) Expression of Italian Pinot Grigio When it comes to northern Italy, Pinot Grigio is the classic white. Enjoy Paolo and Alessandro’s stunning example alongside equally beautiful, moving melodies from Beethoven, Mozart, and more classical music icons.

Virgin Wines Mix 29 | Lemon Hill Viognier, 2017

Enjoy California Sunshine in Your Glass Let the Sunshine In with Lemon Hill, a vibrant California Viognier that’ll brighten up any dreary day. Pour a glass with the sunny tunes from your next Virgin Wines Mix, and you’ll be Walking on Sunshine in no time.

Virgin Wines Mix 28 | HJ Fabre Chardonnay-Torrontés, 2017

It Takes Two (from France) to Tango Argentina is home to the most sultry dance of them all – the tango. Just like the tango between Chardonnay and Torrontés, it’s a seductive balancing act. And Hervé and Diane NAILED it. We also took a cue from the couple’s French roots and sprinkled in some classic pop tunes from 60s-era Paris.

Virgin Wines Mix 27 | Book of Shadows Zinfandel, 2016

Who Do VooDoo? You’re about to be left Spellbound by this playlist – and the black-as-sin wine for which it’s named. You don’t need to be a Black Magic Woman to appreciate its bewitching charm … you’ve been warned!

Virgin Wines Mix 26 | J Opi Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016

Ain’t No Mountain (or Vineyard) High Enough Argentina, where Opi Sadler’s Signature Caberent was born, is also home to some of the highest vineyards in the world, where the Misty Mountain Hop is actually a thing. So pour yourself a glass and get that Rocky Mountain High – we’re about to take you on a serious musical adventure (mountaineering gear not required).

Virgin Wines Mix 25 | Château Le Pré du Moine, 2017

All Hail the Monk The color in the glass? Ruby, My Dear. And since the name of this rich Bordeaux, “Le Pré du Moine,” means “monk’s meadow” in French, we think it’s time to kick back with a glass and, perhaps ‘Round Midnight, get lost in the genius that IS Thelonius Monk.

Virgin Wines Mix 24 | La Catina Estate Pinot Noir, 2017

Only Fools Rush in (Unless You’re Really Thirsty) Fans of Pinot Noir Can’t Help Falling in Love with the huge value and amazing flavors that are coming out of Romania. The estate behind La Catina Pinot Noir was a favorite of the country’s late (beloved) King Michael I. It’s time for A Little Less Conversation, though … so from one King to another, we give you this rockin’ Elvis playlist.

Virgin Wines Mix 23 | Altos de la Guardia Tempranillo, 2016

Velvety Wine for the Velvet Underground Winemaker Jean-Marc Sauboua’s soundtrack for winemaking? Lots of Iggy Pop and Velvet Underground. Groove on to this melodic mix that inspired him in the cellar – it’s as smooth as the wine.

Virgin Wines Mix 22 | Il Papavero Primitivo 2017

Flowers in Your Hair, Wine in Your Glass Papavero is Italian for “poppy” – so we decided to “pick” you some songs that are worthy of kicking back and smelling the roses (and the Wildflowers … and the Scarlet Begonias). Be sure to pour a glass of this lush Primitivo as you jam out.

KISS Malbec Wine
Virgin Wines Mix 2 | KISS Malbec

Over the top theatrics, fist pumping anthems, the party’s about to begin! Rock and Rock All Night as KISS’s 45th Anniversary Malbec drives you crazy! Fill your glass, turn up the volume, and enjoy the taste of Rock God’s – KISS.

The Police Synchronicity Wine
Virgin Wines Mix 3 | The Police

With one breath, with one flow – you will know – Synchronicity. The Police’s classic Synchronicity serves as inspiration for this custom crafted red wine blend. Fill your glass, turn up the music, and share the taste of Synchronicity.

The Waxed Bat Rock Mix
Virgin Wines Mix 4 | The Waxed Bat

Opi Sadler’s Waxed Bat is an ultra-rich blend of Shiraz, Malbec, and Cabernet. It’s also one of our most popular reds – with its smooth-n-spicy black fruit flavors, it’s as big a crowd-pleaser as Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell (aka, one of the most successful rock albums ever).

Lobo e Falcao Duran Duran Mix 5
Virgin Wines Mix 5 | Lobo e Falcao

Lobo e Falcão waaay over-delivers in the flavor department. It’s the kind of blockbuster, New Wave red that’s putting a BIG spotlight on Portugal. So if you’re Hungry Like The Wolf on the label, rock the rad tunes of some 80s New Wave legends, starting with Duran Duran.

Fabulo Prosecco Spumante Disco Mix
Virgin Wines Mix 21 | Fabulo Prosecco Spumante

Um, there’s NOTHING more fabulous than Prosecco + disco. Mirrorball spinning, Disco Inferno a-burnin’ … Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough of this far out fizz release from the famed Botter family. It’s the perfect bottle to pop open when you really want to Celebrate Good Times.

La Roccaccia Verdicchio di Matelica MIX
Virgin Wines Mix 20 | La Roccaccia Verdicchio di Matelica

When it comes to wine, Nothing Else Matters but how good it tastes. And this badass white delivers. It’s from a tiny commune in Italy called Matelica … so we couldn’t resist matching it up with some of Metallica’s greatest hits. This playlist will have you rocking through your second glass, trust us.

Goldstrike Chardonnay MIX 19
Virgin Wines Mix 19 | Goldstrike Chardonnay

Hey … you don’t need to be a Gold Dust Woman to love Goldstrike Chardonnay. So wake up from your Golden Slumbers, pour a glass, and cue up our most glittery playlist yet, which will prove The Golden Years of great California wine are just getting started.

Prince de Courthezon Cotes du Rhone Blanc MIX 1
Virgin Wines Mix 18 | Prince de Courthezon Cotes du Rhone Blanc

Let’s Go Crazy with this Princely white from Châteauneuf great Thierry Ferlay. As the most awarded winemaker in the Rhône region, he’s truly an artist. So put on that Raspberry Beret and enjoy his masterful white with some of the greatest hits of another fantastic Artist … Prince.

Sentiero dei Pini Pinot Grigio Natural MIX
Virgin Wines Mix 17 | Sentiero dei Pini Pinot Grigio

Sentiero dei Pini means “trail of pines” in Italian – it’s a Pinot Grigio that’s a fresh as an alpine stream, making us think of Leaves That Are Green, or those Alabama Pines. You don’t have to be a total nature nut to love the wine – or our funky, tree-themed playlist!

Bees Knees Chenin Viognier Jazz MIX
Virgin Wines Mix 16 | Bees Knees Chenin Viognier

Back in the early days of jazz, The Bees Knees wasn’t a wine from a top estate … it was what you said to express utter awesomeness! Once you see how delish this Chenin Blanc blend is, you’ll understand the name – and why we picked a wildly playful mix starring all jazz’s early greats.

Don Cayetano Chardonnay Queen Trax Mix
Virgin Wines Mix 15 | Don Cayetano Chardonnay

We were Under Pressure to make a playlist truly worthy of the “Don” of Chilean Chardonnay, Luis Felipe Edwards. Then we thought: who better to serenade The Queen of Whites than legendary glam rockers Queen? Don’t Stop Me Now, because this rich wine and Freddie Mercury’s fab voice WILL Rock You.

Sunday Bay Sauvignon Blanc MIX 14
Virgin Wines Mix 14 | Sunday Bay Sauvignon Blanc

It’s Easy Like Sunday Morning to get into the groove of these mellow Yacht Rock tracks, inspired by the breezy, crisp freshness of our Sunday Bay Sauvignon Blanc. It’s the perfect Escape, where every Careless Whisper is followed by a Tequila Sunrise.

Palacio de Menade Aquarius MIX 13
Virgin Wines Mix 13 | Palacio de Menade

Palacio de Menade is a wine that was born at one of the most Earth-friendly estates we know. One sip, and you’l think you’ve landed in The Age of Aquarius. So Turn, Turn, Turn that handy, flavor-sealing screwcap off and dive into some of our favorite Hippie Rock tunes.

Saserello Barracuda Mix 6
Virgin Wines Mix 6 | Saserello 2016

X (on the label) marks the spot for a seriously ROCKING wine night. Crack open gorgeously fruit-forward, 93-point Sicilian red blend, Saserello. It’s a name with “rock”-worthy roots, so we’ve lined up some killer classic rock tunes for your listening pleasure.

Bambera de Barbadillo Flamenco Mix 7
Virgin Wines Mix 7 | Bambera de Barbadillo 2017

Bambera de Barbadillo is a BRASH, beguiling, seductive Tempranillo blend that will transport you to the sultry south of Spain. This is the birthplace of Flamenco, where the maestros of Spanish guitar beat out dizzying rhythms with a shout and a stamping of their feet. Olé, friends!

Affogato Red Blend Rat Pack Mix 8
Virgin Wines Mix 8 | Affogato Red Blend

The Liantonio family named this delicious blend of inky-dark Nero di Troia, aromatic Negroamaro, and berry-packed Primitivo after a popular Italian dessert. Let Frank, Tony, Dean and co. fill the air as you sip on this baby – it’s a damn sweet way to end (begin?) an evening.

Rex Mundi Cuvee Cathare Mix 9
Virgin Wines Mix 9 | Rex Mundi Cuvee Cathare

Beware Rex Mundi, evil god of chaos and inspiration for our black-as-sin Syrah blend. Served up by a master of deep, dark wines, this is a bewitching blend suitable for your next Black Sabbath … just don’t forget to give Ozzy an invitation.