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Virgin Wines Mix 242 | Pierre Brecht Cuvée Cinq 2018

Good Things Come in Fives It took five tries for the Gisselbrecht family to get ‘Cuvée Cinq’ just right, but you’ll love this playlist on first listen. Get ready to Fly Away with a medley of fives – from artists like The Jackson 5 to songs like David Bowie’s Five Years.

Virgin Wines Mix 241 | Velho é Novo Trincadeira 2018

What’s Old Is New This unique Portuguese red combines ancient and modern winemaking techniques. Similarly, your exclusive playlist features original songs and notable covers of them. Pour a glass of Velho é Novo and relish both the old and new.

Virgin Wines Mix 240 | Le Roi de Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

The King of Bordeaux Meets The King of Rock Our Burning Love for this noble Cabernet is matched only by our passion for Elvis Presley, the king of rock ’n’ roll. Uncork your bottle, put on this playlist, and prepare for One Night of wine-and-music bliss.

Virgin Wines Mix 144 | Janis Joplin Pinot Noir 2016

A Tribute to the Goddesses of Rock Pair this limited-edition Janis Joplin Pinot Noir with a playlist honoring some of rock’s greatest heroines. Enjoy hits from Ms. Joplin (of course!), plus Heart, Patti Smith, and more.

Virgin Wines Mix 95 | Rolling Stone Chardonnay 2017

Roll With The Punches (and Chardonnay) Kick back with the latest issue of Rolling Stone, your luscious tribute Chardonnay, and this exclusive playlist. It features rock icons like The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, and Eric Clapton.

Virgin Wines Mix 226 | Tenuta Fenice Bianco 2018

Everyone Loves a Comeback Story Dino Taschetta has recently revived his family’s ancient vineyards. Celebrate his success with a glass of his lively Sicilian white and your new playlist. It features inspiring, upbeat songs dedicated to overcoming challenges and making a comeback.

Virgin Wines Mix 239 | Lime Leaf Verdejo 2018

Run-Around with Vibrant Spanish Verdejo Lime Leaf will liven up any occasion, and it’s the perfect white to pour with these equally fun tracks. Whether you want to Sing a Song, Twist and Shout, or boogie to Crocodile Rock, we’ve got you covered.

Virgin Wines Mix 33 | Stellenrust Heritage Collection 2018

Get Down on the Farm with Chenin Blanc Stellenrust has gone From Farm to Fame, and this dazzling ‘Heritage Collection’ Chenin Blanc pays tribute to that legacy. Whether you drive a Big Green Tractor or sporty sedan, this country playlist will help you get in touch with this white’s humble roots.

Virgin Wines Mix 238 | Stonewall ‘9.5%’ Sauvignon Blanc 2018

The Perfect Brunch Recipe This zippy, low-alcohol Sauvignon Blanc will be the star of your next brunch gathering. Set the mood with this relaxing playlist, featuring laidback tracks as delightful and leisurely as a late morning meal.

Virgin Wines Mix 47 | Villa Farnia Pecorino 2018

The Mixup Mix Pecornio is a popular Italian cheese … and also a grape. The same names often cause confusion, just like the songs in this fun mix. So – if you once were (or still are!) convinced that “Somebody’s Watching Me” is a Michael Jackson hit, or that “Cat’s in the Cradle” was sung by Cat Stevens, then this playlist is for you.

Virgin Wines Mix 46 | The Gooseberry Bush 2019

(Gooseberry) Bush and Friends This mouthwatering white has a serious edge – like the gritty, unconventional sounds of ’90s grunge rock. Led by Brit rockers Bush, this playlist takes us back to flannels, wallet chains, and The Clinton era. Good thing you’ve got a little liquid courage (courtesy of South Africa’s Bon Courage estate) to help you through the reminiscing …

Virgin Wines Mix 236 | RedHeads Barrel Monkeys Shiraz 2018

Raise a Glass to the Next Generation Just as this exciting Australian Shiraz honors apprenticing winemakers, your exclusive playlist features up-and-coming artists like Bastian Baker, Ava Max, and Red Velvet. Pour a glass, crank the tunes, and prepare to find your new favorite song.

Virgin Wines Music Mix 235 | Don Cayetano Reserva Especial 2014

Reserve Your Spot in the Chilean Countryside Every year, the Don plants on higher, steeper vineyards in Chile’s remote Colchagua Valley. Enjoy his rich Cabernet Reserva alongside these country and folk songs that’ll make you feel like you’re camping out in the country.

Virgin Wines Mix 244 | Crab & Sole Sauvignon Blanc 2018

A Little Soul for Crab & Sole Pardon our pun, but we simply had to partner Crab & Sole Sauvignon Blanc with this equally exhilarating soul playlist. Try a Little Tenderness as you relax and enjoy this lovely pairing.

Virgin Wines Mix 243 | Iggy and the Stooges Zinfandel 2018

The Best of Iggy Pop Anyone with a Lust for Life will adore both this lush Zinfandel and its accompanying Iggy Pop playlist. After a bit of Funtime or Nightclubbing, your guests are sure to say, I Need More.

Virgin Wines Mix 251 | Ricochet Chardonnay 2018

Let the Chardonnay Flow … With its beautiful golden hue, this Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley inspired us to create your Golden River playlist. Whether you’re walking in Fields of Gold or sailing down The River of Dreams, we think you’ll love this smooth pairing.

Virgin Wines Mix 250 | Shadow Slant Cabernet Sauvignon 2018

Ready for a Date Night? This gorgeous Cabernet hails from the Wahluke Slope, a sunny, isolated spot that would be perfect for a romantic getaway. Enjoy it alongside your exclusive playlist, featuring love songs from Adele, John Legend, and more.

Virgin Wines Mix 249 | Barn Swallow Cellars Albariño 2018

Out in the Country with Albariño Barn Swallow Cellars is out in the California countryside, and its winemaking team loves to play country and folk tracks while they work in the cellar. Your playlist features laidback songs from Tyler Childers, Parker McCollum, and more.

Virgin Wines Mix 248 | Selección Especial Numerada Pila No. 5 Cabernet 2018

A Special Spanish Selection Enjoy this ‘Special Selection’ Cabernet alongside a selection of our favorite Spanish-language tracks. You’ll bailar to hits from Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, and more.

Virgin Wines Mix 247 | Con Carne 2018

How to Throw a Sizzling Fiesta Step One: Grill your favorite cut of steak. Step Two: Uncork a spicy-rich Argentine red. Step Three: Put on this seductive Spanish-language playlist, featuring sizzling tracks that’ll make you want to do a Nuevo Tango.

Virgin Wines Mix 246 | Il Basso 2018

Making Wine and Rock ’N’ Roll History The Liantonio family has become an institution in Puglia, just as these rock hits have become classics. Great Balls of Fire, there’ll be a Whole Lot of Shakin’ Going On when you put on this playlist.

Virgin Wines Mix 245 | Potenza 2018

Power Ballads for a Powerful Red Potenza means “power,” so we simply had to pair this bold red with equally energizing power ballads from some of rock’s greatest icons. Uncork the wine, crank up the tunes, and Carry on Wayward Son.

Virgin Wines Mix 117 | Back Garden Cortese 2018

Spend Sunday Morning with Back Garden Cortese This exclusive playlist includes mellow songs that are perfect for a relaxing weekend – just like your lovely California Cortese. We Don’t Know Why anyone wouldn’t fall for this tranquil pairing.

Virgin Wines Mix 69 | Silver Puffs Sauvignon Blanc 2018

Pickin’ Wildflowers with Silver Puffs Sauvignon Blanc Crafted in tribute to a historic painter and a native wildflower, this lovely Sauvignon Blanc celebrates California’s natural beauty. Similarly, the soulful country songs in this playlist express their appreciation for nature and will inspire you to get outside and relax Where the Green Grass Grows.

Virgin Wines Mix 200 | Cooper Point Merlot 2018

Your Ticket to the Coastline One sip of this lush Merlot, and you’ll be transported to the sunny Pacific coast. In the same way, these relaxing Mediterranean tunes will take you from a Naples Sublounge to Jerez de la Frontera with Total Delight.

Virgin Wines Mix 61 | Ticking Clock Chardonnay 2018

Enjoy the Queen of Whites with the Queens of Pop Chardonnay is often called ‘the Queen of Whites,’ and Ticking Clock has exactly What a Girl Wants: layers of luscious, vibrant fruit flavor. It’s the perfect companion for these timeless queens of pop – invite over your Single Ladies, pour a glass, and Don’t Stop the Music.

Virgin Wines Music Mix 237 | Giesta 2016

Today’s Hottest Wine & Music Portugal is one of the wine world’s most popular countries right now, so we had to pair this succulent red with some of today’s biggest hits. How Do You Sleep? when you could groove to Ed Sheehan, Halsey, and other top artists instead.

Virgin Wines Music Mix 22 | Il Papavero Primitivo 2017

Flowers in Your Hair, Wine in Your Glass Papavero is Italian for “poppy” – so we decided to “pick” you some songs that are worthy of kicking back and smelling the roses (and the Wildflowers … and the Scarlet Begonias). Be sure to pour a glass of this lush Primitivo as you jam out.

Virgin Wines Music Mix 196 | Campanula Pinot Grigio 2018

Explore the Wonders of Eastern Europe If you’ve yet to try Hungarian wines, Campanula Pinot Grigio will be a delicious introduction. Similarly, the songs in your new playlist will introduce you to exciting Eastern European artists. Cheers!

Virgin Wines Music Mix 235 | Don Cayetano Reserva Especial 2014

Reserve Your Spot in the Chilean Countryside Every year, the Don plants on higher, steeper vineyards in Chile’s remote Colchagua Valley. Enjoy his rich Cabernet Reserva alongside these country and folk songs that’ll make you feel like you’re camping out in the country.