Rock History: October 18, 2018

In 1956, 21-year-old Elvis Presley pulled into a Memphis gas station where he started to attract a small crowd of autograph seekers. After repeatedly asking Elvis to move on so he could resume normal business, station manager Ed Hopper slapped Presley on the head and found himself on the receiving end of a punch in the face from Elvis. Station employee Aubrey Brown tried to help his boss, but was no match for Presley. After police are called, Hopper and Brown were charged with assault and were fined $25 and $15 respectively.

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Cat Daddy (aka Spencer Brewer) is a multi-million record selling composer, pianist, artist and producer, who has been on the cutting edge of instrumental music. With 17 solo and duet albums to his credit, his music is being heard the world over in film scores, radio, Olympic Games and more. He produced over 350 records with several nominated for Grammy awards. Alongside his musical passion he also worked on, rebuilt or restored over 25,000 pianos, crank phonographs and pump organs which enabled him to collect unique and obscure vintage mechanical artifacts. He creates sly whimsical art out of re-purposed materials with many focused on vintage musical instruments….re-imagined. The viewer is often caught off guard wondering whether what they are seeing is a real instrument, long forgotten….or not.