On December 3, 1976, pigs flew in London.

To be more specific, it was just one pig. And we can thank rock gods Pink Floyd for proving that it can happen.

The band were shooting the (now-iconic) cover for their ground-breaking Orwellian-inspired album, Animals. Integral to the shoot: a 40-foot, helium-filled pig dubbed Algie.


The colossal sow must have taken the song title “Pigs on the Wing” a little too seriously, and she famously went rogue over the Battersea Power Station after bursting free from her cabling – halting flights in and out of Heathrow Airport and causing general chaos before later landing in a pasture filled with cows (of course).

Algie recently made headlines again, after she was almost auctioned off by Durrants of Britain. But Pink Floyd’s remaining bandmates (including Roger Waters, Algie’s designer) stepped in and claimed her as their own.

(Michael Ochs Archives)

Here’s a full accounting of that historic day from our friends over at Best Classic Bands. While you read, may we suggest you cue up Animals and revel in one of the greatest rock albums of all time?

As for Algie, she’s home now so … that’ll do pig. That’ll do.