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Virgin Wines Mix 104 | GFF Chardonnay 2018

A Worldly Chardonnay Meets a Global Playlist The Kapiniaris family brought their winemaking expertise from Greece to California. So, it’s only fitting to pair their gorgeous Chardonnay with this eclectic playlist, featuring songs from wildly diverse countries and genres.


Virgin Wines Mix 142 | Valcatrina Tinto 2017

Walk This Way for a Rockin’ Portuguese Red You’ll be Thunderstruck by this winning combination: Valcatrina’s bold, sumptuous flavors have the weight to stand up to these over-the-top rock songs. Grab your bottle, cue up your playlist, and prepare to Rock And Roll All Nite.


Virgin Wines Mix 154 | Domaine de Ju 2016

A Giant Red for a Giant of French Jazz Piano The venerable Claude Bolling is one of France’s finest jazz pianists. We could think of no better wine to enjoy with his striking melodies than this sumptuous red crafted near the ‘Giant of Provence.’ À votre santé!


Virgin Wines Mix 72 | Crab & Sole Pinot Blanc

Summer Trifecta: Pinot Blanc, Seafood, and The Beach Boys Wouldn’t It Be Nice to enjoy this seafood-inspired California Pinot Blanc alongside songs from The Beach Boys, one of California’s most iconic rock bands. Just pour a glass, crank up the tunes in this playlist, and pretend you’re Surfin’ U.S.A. in the summer sunshine.