Virgin Wines Mix 191 | Slate Mountain (WD) 2018

The Heartland of Classic(al) Wine & Music This stylish white hails from Austria, home to elegant wines and many of the music world’s most talented composers. It’s also the inspiration behind your newest classical playlist, featuring tracks by Claude Debussy, Frédéric Chopin, and more.


Virgin Wines Mix 72 | Crab & Sole Pinot Blanc 2017

Summer Trifecta: Pinot Blanc, Seafood, and The Beach Boys Wouldn’t It Be Nice to enjoy this seafood-inspired California Pinot Blanc alongside songs from The Beach Boys, one of California’s most iconic rock bands. Just pour a glass, crank up the tunes in this playlist, and pretend you’re Surfin’ U.S.A. in the summer sunshine.


Virgin Wines Mix 2 | KISS Malbec

Over the top theatrics, fist pumping anthems, the party's about to begin! Rock and Rock All Night as KISS's 45th Anniversary Malbec drives you crazy! Fill your glass, turn up the volume, and enjoy the taste of Rock God's - KISS.