Our cellar team can’t seem to get Quavo’s new single, “Champagne Rosé” out of their heads.

The collab with Cardi B and Madonna is definitely catchy – and obviously the perfect music matchup for our Virginie T Champagne Rosé.

[spotifyplaybutton play=”spotify:track:2i4WKnGYntsN4jEvDjkKBE”/]

What makes it pink, anyway?

Here’s a little knowledge drop: Champagne only allows certain grapes in the production of its wines – Chardonnay (a white grape), Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier (both black grapes) are the Big Three, with a few other rare grapes accounting for ~.3% of planted vineyards. The pigmented skins of the two Pinots are what give rosé Champagne its pretty salmon shade, but often you’ll see “Blanc de Noirs” on the label. That means the winemaker used only black grapes, but she removed the skins before their pigments could mingle with the grape juice.