No other wine club gives you a more customized experience – from the wines you get in every case to the playlists we mix just for you. So after you tell those other (boring) wine clubs to KISS off …


The Opening Act
Your first Virgin Wines Club case arrives filled with awesome wines from around the world, including some collectible, rock-inspired bottles you can’t get anywhere else. Make sure you grab your packet of tasting notes out of the box. Kind of like the liner notes for each wine, they’re filled with info on the wine, serving tips, winemaker bios, and specially mixed playlists.

Getting to Know You
After your first case, we’re gonna want to get better acquainted. Some people go wild for Italian wines. Others don’t get along with Chardonnay. That’s the kind of personal detail we use to make sure every Virgin Wines Club case you get is on point. It takes just a sec – save or update your Wine Preferences in your online wine cellar. You can also record new Favorite wines – just click the little heart!

Encore Performances Every three months, we’ll put together a new mix of 12 wines that fit your profile – always at least 20% off retail, always with other (new!) rock-themed wines, and always with custom playlists.

We’ll give you an email heads up at least 10 days before sending out your next case and before charging you – no surprises here. You always have a choice (change wines, delay/skip cases at or cancel anytime). And every bottle has our 100% money-back guarantee.

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