About Nikki Habif

I'm a certified wine-o, and proudly hold the Level 3 Advanced certification from the WSET (with my Diploma in progress!). I love all things wine, and am particularly passionate about the wines of Spain – especially Rioja. I love to cook, read, hike, and also kick it with a tasty groove, a là Tenacious D.

Open That Bottle Night 2019

Open That Bottle Night is like a “treat yo’self” holiday for wine lovers. It’s a day to give yourself permission to open that special bottle you’ve been saving. So in honor of #OTBN2019 (today, February 23), we asked three of our experts what THEY like to crack open on special occasions …


Champagne = World’s Sexiest Wine!

If you're celebrating Valentine's Day tonight or over the weekend – and you're planning on popping the top on a 🍾 of the Cadillac of bubblies, Champagne, read on. We've got some cool facts that'll impress your loved one. 🥂


The Perfect Mulled Wine

This may be the merriest mulled wine ever. I'll let you be the judge. It's based on a few recipes I've gathered from the Interwebs over the years ... a mashup of sweetness and spice that, as soon as you taste it, will become your go-to Yuletide sipper. Here's what you'll need: • 1 750 [...]


What to Drink this Christmas

You can really work up a thirst Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. No worries – we made a list (and checked it twice) of the three best kinds of wines to tip back this season, along with some solid serving advice.


Happy International Merlot Day!

How Miles Raymond from the movie Sideways feels about Merlot: “No. If anybody orders Merlot, I’m leaving. I am NOT drinking any f*ckin’ Merlot!” How WE feel about Merlot: It’s pretty much the best grape ever. (Suck it, Miles.)