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Life’s too Short for Boring Wine (and Music)

This is where we talk about the two best things in life: great wine and awesome music.

Woodstock: Peace and love, man

In reality, we are all connected just by listening. And perhaps there is something to playwright John Guare's “Six Degrees of Separation”. Or the variations, as in the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon”, “Six Degrees of der Kommissar” or your own life experience. We are all connected. What we do and say and how we live is all connected. And thinking of Woodstock, maybe we all were, in fact, at Max Yasgur’s farm. In less than six degrees. Peace and love, man.

Muddy Waters: The Mojo Is Gone. The Master has Won.

Muddy Waters recorded about a dozen studio albums between 1960 and his death in 1983. His gravestone says "McKinley Morganfield, 1915-1983. The Mojo Is Gone. The Master has Won". Long after the era of Chess Records, we can look back on the evolution of artists like McKinley Morganfield and be thankful they came our way.

Kozmic Blues & Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin’s solo career was cut short by, well, Janis. But while some reviewers trashed her first solo effort – “I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama” – I have always been willing to give it some praise. Because it was a bellwether of the good things to come, even if we only ever got the merest glimpse.

The Police: Legendary Synchronicity

My friend Gil called me up and invited me to lunch. I was a marketing person and he was president of A&M Records (and my boss) so I immediately knew three things: Lunch would be [...]

Kiss superfan gets to meet the band!

Kiss Superfan gets to meet the band!

Go International Next Time You Clink Glasses

We'd like to propose a toast – happy weekend, y'all!

Open That Bottle Night 2019

Open That Bottle Night is like a “treat yo’self” holiday for wine lovers. It’s a day to give yourself permission to open that special bottle you’ve been saving. So in honor of #OTBN2019 (today, February 23), we asked three of our experts what THEY like to crack open on special occasions …

Champagne = World’s Sexiest Wine!

If you're celebrating Valentine's Day tonight or over the weekend – and you're planning on popping the top on a 🍾 of the Cadillac of bubblies, Champagne, read on. We've got some cool facts that'll impress your loved one. 🥂

Feel ALL the Feels with Our Virgin Wines Love Mix

Tomorrow is V-Day, kids! We thought we'd help get you in the mood with a sexy little playlist. Pop this bad boy on and show that special person how you really feel! 💋🍷

I Didn’t Want to Like KISS, but …

We're announcing the winner of our KISS Sweepstakes TOMORROW, Wednesday, Feb. 13! To help you get amped for the big moment, here's David Steffen talking about the indelible impression the band's made on American music – because as you KISS ARMY peeps know, it's about so much more than crazy makeup and stage antics. Well, sort of ...

Getting Closure on Corks + Screw Caps

Which one is better, corks or screwcaps? The debate rages on – but we're over here just wanting to drink great wine. We think you're with us, so read on ...

Happy Birthday, Alice Cooper!

Happy 71st Birthday to the Godfather of Shock Rock! All hail!

Eva Cassidy’s Perfect Voice

Perfect: when the right voice meets the right song, even after that voice has left us.

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